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What they're saying about "Best Business Practices for Photographers"

“Best Business Practices for Photographers” is not exactly a catchy title, but if you are starting as a professional shooter, or have been in the biz like me for over four decades, you better put down your camera and buy this book.  I predict it will make your business better and more productive. When it does, drop me a line at:     and give me one example of how it changed your life.
. . . David Hume Kennerly, Pulitzer Prize Winner


John Harrington’s revised edition of his Best Business Practices for Photographers goes beyond a few timely updates. Using his own business experiences John has adjusted his business practices to the changing photography industry. Addressing topics such as  “Pricing your work to stay in business”, the first hand – “Insights into am IRS audit”, and the timely “transitioning to Freelance”, for the newspaper staffers entering the self-employed business world. This book delivers the business information many of us have learned at the "school of hard knocks" and most photo schools don’t even offer, but with this book readers can learn how to build a successful career.
 - Richard Kelly, Photographer, Educator & President ASMP

From my perspective of 40-plus years in photography -- as shooter, picture editor and director of photography -- "Best Business Practices..."  is fantastic.  This book provides great insights into the business of photography, and much more.  With the photography business in a state of flux, "Best Business Practices..." should be at the top of every photographer's reading list.

 - Kent Kobersteen, former Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine.

When I was in photo school I often asked for resources on how to run a photo business.  Wish this book was available to me then.  This is the best, one source for understanding the business of photography.  From basic principles of bookkeeping to the open ended practice of pricing, this book provides many answers.  For me the best updated information in John Harrington’s new edition of “Best Business Practices for Photographers” is in the area of licensing and how licensing needs to be a part of your fee structure.  The inclusion of PLUS, Picture Licensing Universal System, in your business and licensing models is the best advice John has for the professional photographer.  It will provide improved management of your licensed images well into the future.  John truly contributes to the APA Mission of Successful Photographers.
  - Stephen Best, CEO, Advertising Photographers of America  

This is the book every photographer needs. It reveals the terrible truth that taking the photograph is the easy part; dealing with business and legal issues make the difference between success and failure. This encyclopedic book is a vital reference I wish I had starting out 30 years ago.

 - Art Wolfe, photographer

Pricing, contracts, copyright -- even IRS audits: If you are going to walk through the minefield that is the business of being a professional photographer, you'll want a good map. And "Best Business Practices..." is exactly that.

 - David Hobby, Strobist.com

Harrington’s book is a must-read  -- a valuable resource for photographers of all levels and specialties.
 - Jeff Sedlik, Former President, Advertising Photographers of America

John Harrington has added so much information in his second edition that is relevant to the business climate of photography today. The new edition will be especially helpful to photojournalists who need to be prepared for the future in a changing profession. This needs to be on the bookshelf of every student and photographer.

 - Dr. Bob Carey, President, National Press Photographers Association

This book is a must-have for EVERY photographer, amateur or pro, who wants to maximize income with photography.  Harrington breaks down the mystery of pricing, negotiation, contracts and client relationships with real-life examples and provides an excellent template for a stable-growth business method.  Also, one of the most important and often neglected aspects of photography, COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION, is addressed in depth including the new eCO electronic filing system. The first edition of this book has been a go-to reference for me for the past few years and this expanded and updated version will be in my office as soon as it is published.  There is no doubt that Best Business Practices for Photographers will pay for itself thousands-fold.

- Chris Usher, Photographer

It is no longer enough to be a creative photographer. The tough part is navigating through business deals and complicated contracts. John Harrington’s book will help readers to run a business as the age of the digital technologies reshapes the craft of photography at every level. The book is a virtual knowledge bank and will help readers think cleverly as they negotiate this highly competitive arena.

- Ami Vitale, Photographer

"I have given many talks at universities across america to students  studying photography. I'm often asked the question 'what's the most  important thing a photographer can do to prepare for this life' and I  always say 'learn to run a small business.' John Harrington's book is  that curriculum. You don't have to go to college. You don't have to  major in small business administration, but you do have to read John  Harrington's book. This is the bible of running a successful  photography business."

 -- Sam Abell, Photographer

"John's book is a necessity for every professional photographer! It could well be one of the greatest business resources available, helping you get through unfamiliar challenges from IRS Audits, licensing your work to developing a relationship with your rep and more.  Most photographers are creative and right brain driven - here's the food your left brain forgot to tell you about!"  
- Skip Cohen, President, Marketing Essentials International